Benefits of Regular Physical Exercise 


Published March 24, 2020

High blood pressure and exercise (2)

Daniel Ighakpe

Regular physical exercises help to tune up the organs of the body, the muscles and nerves . Playing games also makes you to be emotionally and socially healthy . It makes the brain to work faster and more accurately .

With regard to engaging in regular physical exercise , some people have erroneously concluded that they do not need exercise because they are not overweight . However , overweight and obese people stand to benefit immensely from a regular exercise programme . Even if you are not overweight , increasing your physical activity is very likely to improve your overall health and help to prevent serious diseases, including certain types of cancer.

Ginna Crochets IMG-20200319-WA0005

What are some factors that contribute to a person’s poor state of health ? They include unhealthy ( high -calorie ) diets and a sedentary life – style. Also , even though technology and other modern inventions have helped to make many laborious jobs more bearable, there is an irony in this . While modern technology has been conducive to better health , with the passing of time , it has also contributed to a sedentary life -style among many people . They include children, who spend a longer time in front of the television set , or with video games , smart phones and other technological devices . Also , for adults , having a job that requires little physical activity can contribute to a sedentary life -style.

In view of the foregoing , how can regular physical exercise help to improve our health and counteract the effects of a sedentary life -style? Many scientific studies have given credence to the value of regular physical exercise . For example , in an article by Ujunwa Atueyi , titled How to be happy and live a purpose -driven life and published in The Guardian newspaper of Monday , January 1 , 2018, engaging in regular physical activity was top on the list of steps that can be taken to boost our quality of life .

Fitness, Focus, Frustration: Life in Lockdown for Europe’s Footballers 

In the article , it was reported that many studies had focused on the role of physical exercise not only in keeping us fit , but also in improving our physical and mental health . Furthermore, the article noted , “Numerous and recent studies had shown that exercise can counteract and prevent depression . . . As little as one hour of exercise each week , regardless of intensity, can keep mood disorders at bay .”

Even children need physical activity . Studies have shown that an increasing number of children, especially girls , do not engage in regular physical exercise . It is good to note that there are many ways that children can benefit from regular physical activity . These include helping them develop strong bones and muscles as well as healthy joints; prevention of overweight and obesity ; increase in self -esteem and prevention of anxiety and stress ; development of an active life – style that may prevent a sedentary adulthood ; among others .

The elderly also can benefit from a moderate exercise programme . However , they need to consult the doctor before starting a programme of strenuous activity .

Although regular physical exercise has its merits , a word of caution for all would not be out of place : Before deciding to engage in more vigorous exercises , it would be wise to consult a doctor , to ensure beforehand that the more vigorous exercise programme that you are contemplating would be suitable for you, considering your current state of health .

Also , not drinking enough water during exercise can be harmful . It can cause fatigue , decreased coordination , and muscle cramping . When you exercise , you sweat at a faster rate , and this can lead to a drop in your blood volume . If you do not replenish the water that is lost through perspiration , the heart has to work harder to circulate the blood . It is suggested that to avoid dehydration , you should drink water before, during and after an exercise session .

Staying physically active , along with proper nutrition and rest , is vital for good health . Let us , therefore, cherish our bodies as a gift from God and strive to maintain a good routine of regular physical exercise . So , are you getting enough exercise ? If not , you can start doing something about it today .

Ighakpe sent in this article from FESTAC Town , Lagos



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