Most Painful Ways to Exit This World.


10. STARVATIONIMG_20200516_174756

It may not surprise you to learn that starving to death is no picnic (no pun intended).

It’s actually relatively difficult to starve to death, and is in no way a quick end.

The extreme lack of vitamins and minerals will likely lead to a severely weakened immune system. It might be this, as opposed to exclusively starvation, that eventually finishes you off as you would have little defence against all kind of disease.

9. DEHYDRATION IMG_20200516_174816

Your body is around 60% water, this keeps you all nice and squishy, as well as helping blood to flow and clearing dangerous toxins from the body.

As you become more and more dehydrated, cells begin to shrink as the body draws water from them to pump into the bloodstream. This unfortunately, includes your brain cells, and when these shrink, it’s very bad news.

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This prevents them from operating normally, leading to confusion, delirium, headaches and ultimately coma and death as it becomes unable to sustain normal bodily function.

8. DECAPITATIONIMG_20200516_174835

Let’s take a look at the dark world of capital punishment, but let’s not lose our heads(lol, pun intended).

Research has it that recently liberated heads can remain conscious for a short time after decapitation.

Horrifying yeah? But its true, consciousness.

Remains for about 3-5seconds without a body due to the rapid decrease in blood flow. During this period, the pain and trauma is excruciating.

7. LETHAL INJECTIONIMG_20200516_174852

Most people tend to agree that this method is much more humane than all of that messy decapitation and hanging etc. How ever this isn’t the case. 

The lethal injection is actually much more cruel and painful than it looks.

6. ELECTRIC CHAIRIMG_20200516_174921

As the current zaps through the body, the heart stops, the blood boils and the nervous system jams, causing asphyxiation. Bodies will swell up and boiling hot blood will pour out of every orifice – sometimes the eyeballs pop out and flames burst from under the Skin. The body temperature is too hot that the flesh cooks and falls away from the skin.

That’s if you’re lucky.

If you’re unlucky the voltage might not be high enough to complete the job quickly enough.

Imagine being roasted consciously

5. CRUCIFIXIONIMG_20200516_174936

As far as execution methods go, crucifixion is probably one of the most high-profile.

Many of us tend to think of it as almost purely symbolic, but the reality is that it was an unbelievably brutal method of torture and execution. Everybody probably has a pretty strong mental image of a crucifixion, but the actual cause of death is less well known.

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Initially, when a person is nailed to a cross, they will instinctively try to support their weight on their injured hands and feet, but once the strength gives out in the legs, the arms are pulled from their sockets and the chest hangs down. This makes it incredible difficult to fully exhale and the carbon dioxide level in the body will go up as they can do nothing else but take tiny sips of air.

4. BURNINGIMG_20200516_174952

Just in case you have to option to chose between burning to death or freezing to death, choose freezing.

Imagine touching a hot plate on the oven, even if you snatch your hand away at top speed, it still fricking hurts. Now imagine that you can’t snatch the hand away. 

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The immediate acute pain is felt as the flames get close to the skin, stimulating the nerves and beginning to cook the flesh, to begin with, this will actually boost the skin’s pain sensitivity (sort of your body’s way of trying to get you outta there). After a short while, the top layer of skin containing the most sensitive nerves will have burnt away, and a deeper, duller pain will set in. You’ll probably stay concious long enough to smell your own body cooking.

3. RADIATIONIMG_20200516_175024

Despite what the movies may have told you, exposure to radiation is much more likely to result in a long, agonising exit than superpowers.

The actual process that produces symptoms is the ability of ionizing radiation to rip apart atoms and molecules, making them highly unstable and reactive. This understandably is not good for you.

Headaches, vomiting, fevers, rashes, death blood cells both white and red, weakened immune system are all associated with exposure to radiation.

2. SCAPHISM IMG_20200516_175039

The victim would be trapped inside two boats or hollowed out tree trunk with just head, hands and frets protruding. Then would be forced-fed milk and honey to the point at which they they developed horrendous diarrhea. At this point more milk and honey would be Poured all over the eyes, mouth and genitals in order to attract insects. Biting and burrowing insects would colonise it inflicting horrible torture on the victim.

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This torture could last for days before the obvious end result finally plays out.



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