Reason Why Wall Gecko Keep Coming To Your House And How To Stop It

By Bettyann Brown.
The story of wall gecko being harmful or harmless is a controversial one based on what people believe.
This Anodyne animal is always found in some homes. However many believed this reptilia is never a threat to mankind and even called him ‘House keeper of which he’s also helping us by eating bugs and cockroaches so killing him is absolutely unfair; while others believed wall gecko is a sign of evil.
Don’t forget he’s also created by God. Do the following to send him exile without hurting him

The use of garlic
If you see any wall gecko just slice garlic into pieces and drop it at the point you see him and he will never come to your house again as wall gecko hate the smell of it

Ginna Crochets
Dejunk your house
Clear out all unnecessary luggage from your house that give them a conducive atmosphere to live in.

Insect fumigation
Look for any means necessary and kill all the insects in your house with a fumigator, as wall gecko feeds on insects so if there’s no insect that means wall gecko won’t come again.

Seal all openings
Make sure that you don’t have openings in your house because wall gecko is capable of entering your home no matter how small the space is not even your sliding windows can keep him away.

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Egg shells
Break the egg and leave shells at position where the gecko is been seeing, this one is really effective because wall gecko has abnormal fear about egg shells.

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