The Risk Of Coronavirus Spreading In Schools Is Extremely Low – New Study Reveals


Posted by Amarachi on Wed 20th May, 2020 –


According to a new study, the spread of coronavirus in schools and classrooms are limited. 

A major study has revealed that coronavirus does not spread widely in schools and its spread is “limited” in classrooms.

For the study, 18 infected teachers and students in 15 schools and it noticed that despite them coming in contact with 863 people at the schools, only two were infected, according to the Telegraph.

Ginna Crochets 

Previous studies have suggested that younger children are likely to only contract a mild form of coronavirus and do not play a major role in the spread of the disease, but this is the first time the spread of Covid-19 in primary and secondary schools has been directly studied.

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The research took place in Australia, is being analysed by government advisers as they consider how to get children back into schools safely.

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