3 Ways to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend 


By Ayoola AD

We list below things you can do to catch a girlfriend when there’s overwhelming evidence that she might be cheating on you.

To have a cheating girlfriend is not a thing anyone would wish on himself. However there are lots of unfaithful women who have left many guys paranoid and extra-careful.

No one wants to end up looking like a fool. No one wants to give 100% faithfulness and other things in a relationship only to end up realising that they were being played all along.

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Just as we explained here how to catch a cheating boyfriend, we list below things you can do to catch a girlfriend when there’s overwhelming evidence that she might be cheating on you.

1. Snoop

It is pretty difficult to catch a cheating girlfriend without trying some underhanded tricks. This is because women are reputed for being more careful cheats than men. And that they are more painstaking in covering their tracks.

So your biggest chance would be to snoop discreetly when you get the chance – phones, browser history, call history, etc.

But then, finding your way into her mobile device itself would take some work. So good luck with that.

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2. Her ‘friends’

One other way would be to get one of her friends to snitch. The jealous one or the one who might low-key have a thing for you would be the ideal one to target here.

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With a little attention and some probing, she should drop clues here and there that’ll lead you to the information you need.

Again, this is hinged on you finding a friend of hers who is really not her friend which might not be as easy as it sounds.

3. Surprise

This works for catching cheating boyfriends and works for cheating girlfriends too.

Show up unexpectedly at her apartment, arrive earlier than planned from a trip or pretty much pull of surprise appearances that might enable you catch her in the act.

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You could be just be lucky

Having listed these things, you need to realise that catching a cheating partner sometimes could just be a matter of unexpected luck.

A revealing phone call, a mistaken message, etc could be the cheating partner’s undoing.

Whatever the case, you need to also realise that cheating does not have to be the end of your relationship.

You could move from that negativity to something stronger, better.

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