What Are the Health Benefits of Drinking Bitter Leaf?



Bitter leaf has numerous medicinal values and benefits to human health and lifestyle. The leaf has been proven to possess some anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that make it a good home remedy to several health issues such as diarrhoea, high blood pressure and many others. Some people may not find the taste of bitter leaf enjoyable but the health benefits are so much so that putting up with the taste seems work it.

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Check out the 7 amazing ways your body can benefit from drinking bitter leaf!

1. Helps get rid of feverBitter leaf contains flavonoids which have powerful antioxidant effects in treating a variety of health issues such as a high fever. It works together with other elements such as andrographolide lactones, glucosides, diterpene which work together to treat and trim down fever and its symptoms.It is said that a glass of bitter leaf juice is a strong herbal remedy which is said to treat malaria and fever.

2. Lowers blood pressureResearch has shown that chewing on fresh bitter leaves or drinking juice extract will drastically reduce the amount of sugar in your blood and therefore help manage your blood pressure better as well as reducing the risk of diabetes.Bitter lead also contains traces of potassium which is another good remedy for those suffering from high blood pressure. It works by flushing out the accumulation of salt which affects ones sodium levels and leads to high blood pressure.

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3. Treats a bad stomachWhen eaten raw or juiced, bitter leaf can be used to treat abdominal difficulties such as diarrhoea, stomach upset and gastrointestinal tract diseases like dysentery and other related issues.To get the best out of your bitter leaf, get a handful of fresh bitter leaves. Wash well with little quantity of salt and water. Squeeze to extract the juice then take a glass of this juice twice a day to flush out your stomach.

4. Good for bones and teethVitamin C is a strong antioxidant mineral found in bitter leaf that plays a vital role in the body which is the maintenance of bones and teeth.It also contains a trace of vitamin K which helps the body maintain healthy bones and prevents the weakening of bone tissue, also known as osteoporosis.

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5. Improves metabolism functionVitamin B1 is also known as thiamine and it plays an important role in the metabolism of lipids, amino acids and glucose in the human body. Thiamine is an important dietary supplement occurring naturally in a bitter leaf that helps to oxidize fatty acids in other to produce the synthesis of lipids.Bitter leaf is very effective in this chemical synthesis known as metabolism because it contains the mineral that plays the key role.

6. Fights free radicals. Another nutrient in bitter leaf, which is vitamins E serves as an antioxidant that fights against free radicals which have harmful effects on the body system. Bitter leaf contains also anti-bacterial compound known as sesquiterpenoids that give the property of bitter taste.

7. Fights against diabetes Scientifically, it has been proven that bitter leaf contains plant compounds which contribute to its bitter taste and play a pivotal role in moderating the blood sugar level and promoting normal insulin function. This makes is an essential part of a diabetic diet and when used over a long period of time, can contribute towards management of the disease.

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