Couple Divorce After Wife Becomes Obsessed With Pet Cats


By Akinwale Akinyoade 

08 June 2020.


There have been many bizarre reasons as to why couples decide to go their separate ways and a new one has been added to the list after a wife’s obsession with cats drove her husband out of their house.

On May 21, Judge Sheik Mustafa Abu Hassan finalised the divorce between a Singaporean couple that has been married for 45 years.

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The unidentified couples reportedly married in 1975 and had three children over the course of their marriage.

A number of incidents and reasons for the divorce were cited by the husband, the most unusual of which was definitely his wife’s obsession with cats.

The marriage began having issues in 1997 when the wife developed an obsession with felines.

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Her love for cats started when her late mother allegedly appeared in her dreams and told her to be kind to cats, and the woman started believing that taking care of the purring animals was her only way to “cross into Paradise”.

The husband’s patience became stretched to the limit when she started bringing stray cats home and their home began to smell like a shelter for stray cats.

Things got worse when the husband had to take refuge on a mat as their marital bed was “constantly defiled” by the cats.

By 2003, he was forced to call the police because he couldn’t bear the situation anymore. After witnessing his living conditions, the police said there was nothing they could do as it was a domestic issue.

He managed till 2006 but quit their home for his family home to live with his brother when he woke up to find that one of his wife’s cats had urinated on him.

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The wife had tried to drag out the divorce for as long as possible, in an alleged attempt to prevent having to divide their family home, but Judge Sheik Mustafa Abu Hassan felt like there was no possibility of reconciliation, especially after more than a decade of separation.

“This feline collection created quite a nuisance. The cats roamed around the home freely. They were not toilet-trained and would urinate and defecate indiscriminately,” the Judge’s motivation read. “There was a stench of cat feces and urine emanating from the matrimonial home, which led to numerous complaints by neighbors. The police and other authorities turned up and warned the wife. Nevertheless, she did not cease her feline collection.”


Asides the issue of feline obsession, the wife also took several hundreds of thousands of dollars out of her husband’s pension account.

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Noting that there was no room for reconciliation, the judge said:

“I considered the possibility of reconciliation. I find that there is none. The parties’ attitudes are utterly not compromising; the husband is insistent on ending the marriage, and the wife is in vehement refusal to end the marriage,” the judge said. “The couple have been consciously estranged from each other for 15 years. That is a long period of time by any measure. There is no ember of love or affection left to rekindle.”


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