Breaking: Aisha Buhari Orders Seal Off of Buhari’s Side Residence


 Aisha Buhari orders residence of Buhari’s aide Sabiu “Tunde” Yusuf sealed off. It was gathered that Yusuf was to be arrested yesterday’s evening but had to escape by jumping through the fence alongside two of his security aides.

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Investigation reveal that Yusuf had travelled to Lagos and returned this week and was advised to go on self isolation for 14 days in order not to endanger the President and his family but refused. Not even the intervention of Buhari’s ADC, Mohammed Lawal Abubakar could make Yusuf change his mind.

Aisha was said to have decided that in order to ensure safety of the First Family & others, Yusuf had to be forced to go on isolation. She was said to have explained that if the President’s daughter who came in from London had to self isolate for 14 days, Yusuf should do same.The ADC to the First Lady, Usman Shugaba was said to have been detailed to effect his escort to self isolate yesterday but he got wind of it and escaped.

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Miffed by the First Lady’s action, Yusuf who is reputed to be one of the most powerful aides in the Villa rallied support of the CSO to Buhari, Idris Kassim to get the CP FCT Police Command, Bala Ciroma to effect the arrest of Aisha’s ADC, her escort commander & some others. It was gathered that they were arrested and taken to the Police Headquarters.

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GP has been frequenting the Villa since yesterday”, a source told Dgovscoop. This is not the first time that there had been altercations in the Villa between the First Lady and some aides of Mr President.


Credit: Dgovscoopss.

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