Manchester United midfielder, Angel Gomes Addresses Viral Video of His Visit to T.B Joshua’s Church for Healing Four Years Ago (video)



England and Manchester United star, Angel Gomes, 19, has addressed a viral video of his visit to T.B Joshua’s church for healing four years ago.

On Monday, the video of the attacking midfielder speaking at the Synagogue Church of all Nations in Lagos was shared on Twitter.

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Gomes, who spoke in front of the congregation said in the video: “I’ve been having injuries around my hip and groin which have been affecting me playing. I also suffered ankle injury not long ago which kept me out for a long time.

“These injuries would come at hard times for me, times when I was having a breakthrough or times when I had to go to a tournament or playing games, these injuries would happen quite frequently.”

Reacting to the video, Gomez, who says he’s from a Christian family, explained that it was his mom who brought him to Nigeria to visit T.B Joshua’s church for healing as he was going through some issues at that time.

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He wrote on Twitter: ‘regarding the video that has come out from 2016. I am from a Christian family at the time my mum was a fan of the pastor, and she really wanted me to go. I was going through some issues. From the outside looking in it looks crazy, but I was just practicing my faith.

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”I didn’t really need to explain myself but a lot of people was asking me what the video was about. I was young at the time and if my parents thought something was best for Me I would do it. There are far more important issues out there in the world we can tackle.’


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