HOLY NWEJE: The Story of an Igbo Saint



Hezekiah Okoro Nweje, was an Anglican priest.

A native of Onitsha in Anambra state. He was born in 1919 and died in June 1962.

He was nicknamed “Holy Nweje” because of his very humble, extreme righteous, easy going & a humanitarian life he lived. He was tenaciously devoted to the things of God.

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Whatever gifts he receives from the church he shepherded was always shared with those in the vineyard, the poor and the less privileged. He doesn’t hoard them at the expense of the needy. In his philosophy, he believed that wealth was sharing what you have without hoarding it.

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At a time, he was nominated for the position of the Anglican Bishop on the Niger, he declined and nominated someone he felt was more qualified.

Rev. Hezekiah Okoro Nweje was seen as an upright, spotless and a righteous man. It was all those outstanding qualities he possessed while alive that brought about the name “Holy Nweje”. Depicting how holy one can be.

He believed ones anger should not see the next moment.


In May 1956 Onitsha and Obosi were tussling for a piece of land, Rev Nweje was called as a witness, he told the Judge that none of the towns owned the land, na “Ani bu ani Chukwu” The land and thereof is of the lord. That ended the land tussle. He was always on the side of peace.

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Around April 1956, during the daytime local thieves invaded his house in Onitsha and stole tubers of yam and fowl, he ran after them and told them to come and take more cited hunger as the reason for their unconventional behavior. What a man!

Growing up in Igbo land, if seen or perceived as an upright person, you would be called or nicknamed “Holy Nweje”

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When next you’re called HOLY NWEJE, do not feel ashamed or mocked. It tells good of you.

Nweje Lane in Onitsha metropolis is a street named to immortalize him. END



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