Nigerian Doctors: Man Narrates How His Dad Got Arrested for Helping an Ungrateful Patient


A man has taken to his time-line to narrate how his dad got arrested for helping out a patient who wanted to avert payment of his bills.

Everytime one of these “Nigerian Doctor” stories emerge it becomes even more clear how little people know about the health care system in Nigeria. 

On the 1st of this month I got a call from my mum around 11pm. She said she was in a police station and my dad was under arrest. 3 days prior to the phone call, my dad had admitted a sick man who was brought to my father’s hospital by a female friend. 

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The lady deposited #10,000 and treatment began. By the end of that day, the money had run out but my dad continued treatment because “Hippocrates…”

Fast forward 2 days and the man was relatively stable and decided that it was easier to escape than to pay up.

Another patient alerted the nurses that he was trying to escape and before they got to him he had jumped down. By the time they got downstairs, he had tried to jump the fence, fallen and broken his neck. 

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There was a farmer who witnessed this fall.

My father was notified immediately, they carried him into the hospital and tried to resuscitate, but he was gone.

My father called the next of kin and the next of kin said “this boy e sewa go ifa ona adi ese je gbuo onye ya” and said they would come and claim the body the next day.

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My father got home that day and told my mother who asked him if he reported to the police, to which he replied “no”. She chastised him and insisted he report the next day for posterity. 

The next day my father goes to the police station to report and the DPO arrested him and all his nurses for murder. Spent hours abusing him because, according to him, my father doesn’t look as opulent as he thought a doctor should.

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He had to pay #130,000 for bail and they insisted that 2 nurses stay at first, but after hours of argument and pleading, they were allowed home.

It was while bail was being negotiated that I was called.

They threatened to transfer the case to Enugu command.

My father contacted lawyers who advised that the family be encouraged to take the corpse.

At this point, I wanted to bring it here but he had already made bail and Twitter is just a court of public opinion.

I messaged @citizen_gavel and I they were talking me through it (shout out to them for the work they do here).

The family members of the guy, seeing the fix my dad was in, asked that he pay the mortuary fees, buy a coffin and hire a hearse.

After speaking to @brazen_gee I called my mother and went off on her. I insisted they pay nothing and let the case go to court.


My mother suggested I call my uncle who was one of the lawyers they were consulting. He asked me me a number of questions that made me rethink my stand. 

“What do you think that a case of murder will do to your father’s reputation, especially considering where his hospital is situated?”

“Have you considered how long it would take for the case to be decided in court?”

“Have you weighted the price if going to court against what the family is asking for”?

I told him i wanted to post here and he strongly advised against it then.

In the end, a family friend knew someone high up and the call came that the body should be released.

The family of the dead man left with the corpse and with that ended their case.


Think on that before you turn to obioma and be sewing threads.

I forgot to add that my father has been campaigning for me to practice in Nigeria 😂😂😂.

He has used every possible strategy to convince me to write primaries and stay.

See the tweets below:Screenshot_20200620-094215~2Screenshot_20200620-094215~2Screenshot_20200620-094234~2Screenshot_20200620-094248~2

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