William Ansah Sasreku: Meet the African Who Was Sold into Slavery but Became a Prince


By Eromosele Ebhomele

– History shows that William Ansah Sasreku was eight years old when he was sold as a slave and this was in 1736

– It was learnt that the sales was a ‘supposed mistake’ by his own father who was a slave supplier in Ghana

– Enu Baissie Kurentsir, the slave merchant, was able to quickly correct his mistake by ensuring he got his son back to freedom in England

Ginna Crochets 

– However, while in England, William grew up to become a high-profile personality in London and was later known famously as the Prince of Annamaboe

The supposed mistake of a father, then a slave merchant, ended up making his son a prince in England. This was the story of a young man, William Ansah Sasreku, born in Anomabo, Ghana in 1736.

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William was sold by his father in error but ended up growing to become a famous prince in England.

A report by Ghanaianmuseum.com stated that William’s journey into fame commenced in 1744 and he was just eight years old at this time.

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His father, Enu Baissie Kurentsir, who dealt in sales of slaves in Ghana, sent his son to study English in England to enhance the slave activities.

However, history shows that the very young Williams, son of John Bannishee Corrantee, was abducted into slavery in Barbados.

William Ansah Sasreku: Meet Ghanaian sold into slavery who became Prince in England

c230626fc91fb8d9Source: UGC


Realising what had happened, William’s father quickly used his influence in the slave business to ensure his son’s freedom and this began his success in England.

Arriving in London, William was said to have been taken care of as a high-profile figure and quickly became known as the ‘Prince of Annamaboe’ (now Anomabo).

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This report understands that the story of his enslavement and rescue has been preserved in other forms of art, including drama, poetry, and painting.

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His portrait was also etched inThe Gentlemen’s Magazine.


Source: Legit.ng 

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