Samson Arigbamu Invents Stethoscope That Can Detect Coronavirus in Lungs 



Written by Joseph Omotayo

Samson Arigbamu, a US-based Nigerian doctor, has invented a stethoscope that will go a long way in detecting Covid-19 in the lungs

– With the present challenges at identifying lung sounds, Samson said that when finished, the device will show a quick result of detection

Ginna Crochets

– The Nigerian doctor said that though the final product of the device will be in December, it can be sooner if the Nigerian government and individuals invest in it

A Nigerian medical expert based in the US, Dr Samson Arigbamu, has invented a special stethoscope that can immediately identify coronavirus in the lungs and show prompt results.

According to Vanguard, the stethoscope is still at the optimization stage and the finished product should be ready by December 2020.

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Samson, however, said the production of the brilliant equipment could be sped up if individuals with resources and the Nigerian government contribute towards it.


The medical officer has been residing in the US for over 22 years and he is the director of nursing at Future Care Lochearn in Baltimore Maryland.


Before his appointment at the medical facility, he was the director of nursing at Manor Care Woodbridge for more than three years.

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He said with his decades of experience in the medical sector, health providers have always struggled to identify with lung sounds.

“The stethoscope is also equipped with an electronic medical record (EMR) integration capabilities (essential to telemedicine) in order to improve care coordination and patient information portability,” he spoke about the device.

Meanwhile, earlier reported that Kamar Adeleke is one of the health officials making waves around the world.

He led a team of specialists to perform a very complex surgery at Reddington Hospital on a patient named Adebiyi. To make the operation successful, he had to put the patient’s heart on hold.

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It should be noted that Adebiyi recovered 24 hours after the operation was done. During the time his heart was on hold, the mitral valve of the heart was repaired.

In commenting on the process, Adeleke said that the Covid-19 outbreak has shown that countries need to look inward to get solutions for themselves.

He said flying the patient out, which was not possible due to the pandemic, would have cost a lot of money for the flight and treatment.



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