What Rebound Sex Means and Why You Shouldn’t Do It

By Ayoola AD

Here is why having casual sex will not take away the hurt of a bad [or good] breakup.

Rebound sex is simply the act of trying to drown out the ache and pain of a breakup with sex.

Most times, when a breakup happens, people look for the most convenient way to forget it. People want to move on, numb out the pain as quickly as possible.

In comes rebound sex and rebound relationships – the practices of using sex and substitute emotional connections to forget a relationship that just ended.

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Researchers at the University of Missouri have confirmed that rebound sex is a pervasive phenomenon. In a study of 170 undergrads, 35 percent engaged in rebound sex within four weeks of a breakup.


Getting rebound sex may momentarily feel like something magical and you may think that it is a great idea but it really is not because, just as in the case of a drunk, when that high wears off, you will come crashing back to earth and the reality you are trying so hard to hide away from.

The memories you created with that person will still be there, waiting to smack you right in the face.

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You will still be hurt and your heart will still be broken, sore and aching, waiting to be pieced together. That random sex with a stranger won’t take care of that automatically. Not even daily doses of sex would [completely] take away that nagging feeling of loss.

There is also the issue of rising body counts to worry about. Don’t let the loss of your boyfriend make you lose sight of that. Also there is a risk of STI’s, unwanted pregnancies and even where you are careful to avoid all these, random sex could actually create more emotional problems for you.

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Your sex partner could start catching feelings for you, or you could be fooled by the great sex into believing that you are in love with the person.

Many times, relationships based off sexual connection only do not last. Add that to the fact that you are fresh off a broken relationship with a lot of unexpressed hurt and unprocessed emotions, and it becomes clearer that that relationship may just be doomed before it began.

Instead of trying to get over the loss of a boyfriend or girlfriend with rebound sex or a rebound relationship, try out these healthy ways to get over a heartbreak here.

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