Trending Photo of Exposed Bread Loaves Packaged Inside Tricycle Causes Stir Online 

By Kumashe Yaakugh

– A photo of exposed bread loaves in a tricycle has since gone viral online – Twitter user, @OndoFirstBorn, shared the photo, advising Nigerians to protect themselves – The photo had many Nigerians condemning the unhygienic methods of agege bread sellers and bakers. 

Bread is no doubt one of the most high-in-demand baked goods in Nigeria and it is often sold on the streets and at almost every grocery store. However, not so many people pay attention to how these goods are handled.

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The loaves of bread were pictured laying exposed in the keke Photo credit: @OndoFirstBorn Source: Twitter Twitter user, @OndoFirstBorn, recently brought to light what many described as one of the many unhygienic ways that bread is handled by both bakers and sellers. In the photo which he shared on Twitter, several loaves of bread are seen in a pile inside a tricycle popularly known as Keke.

However, what makes the photo disturbing is the fact that most of the loaves are not packaged in nylon or even paper bag but kept bare and exposed to any bacterial or dirt.

Ginna Crochets PhotoGrid_1592162367284

@OndoFirstBorn shared the photos and wrote:”Dear fellow Nigerians, please stay safe out there.”  The post which has over 2,000 retweets, garnered several reactions from Nigerians online, some of whom shared personal experiences and reasons they stopped purchasing bread from the streets and certain bakeries.

Meanwhile, amid the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the country, Lagos state bakers have warned that the price of bread may go up by 60% unless the Nigerian government intervenes. The Lagos bakers said the price would go up if the government doesn’t stop the rising prices of baking materials due to the pandemic, The Guardian reports.

The group appealed to both federal and state governments to step in immediately and arrest the situation for everyone’s benefit as the high cost of baking ingredients is killing their businesses. In other news, Nigerian farmers and stakeholders in the agro-sector, have warned that the country is in danger of food shortage as the COVID-19 pandemic hits hard on farmers and the agricultural sector.

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This was contained in a statement made available on Monday, May 4 and jointly issued by Voices of Food Security, All Farmers Association of Nigeria, the Association of Small-Scale Agro-Producers in Nigeria, Ogbonge Women Farmers’ Association, Small Scale Women Farmers Organisation in Nigeria and Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria.



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