3 Popular Pooping Questions Answered


By Modupeoluwa Adekanye 

14 July 2020.


Pooping is universal. Everyone relieves themselves by using the toilet. If issues occur and pooping is not possible, the hospital becomes the next port of call.

Although it is not a popular topic, it’s normal to have questions about pooping habits. What’s normal? What’s not? Why does poop sink? and different other questions. Below are some answers to popular poop questions according to The Health.

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Why do you poop more during your period?

When your period begins, your body releases hormones called prostaglandins, which help your uterus contract—and can also affect your bowels. According to Ada McVean with McGill University’s Office for Science and Society, the problem occurs when those pesky prostaglandins leave the uterus and are detected by the smooth muscle cells of the large intestine, triggering them to contract.

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Why does some poop refuse to sink?

Poops that float may contain fat, which can be a sign your body is having problems absorbing nutrients from food. Malabsorption is linked with conditions like celiac disease or chronic pancreatitis. Still, the occasional floating stool is no reason for concern.


Why do people wake up in the night to pee and not poo?

The sophisticated, intelligent neurons in your gut that control colon contractions, which push out waste, are also influenced by your body’s circadian rhythm, the internal clock that wakes you when it’s light out and makes you feel sleepy at night. So most people don’t have the urge to empty their colon in the middle of the night.

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On the other hand, the bladder, which acts as a reservoir for the continuous flow of urine produced in the kidneys, can stretch only up to a certain volume before you go to urinate. Normally, you can sleep six to eight hours without having to urinate, but certain medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes is one or drinking too much water before bed can wake you to use the bathroom at night.

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