Auntie Made Me Drink ‘toilet water’, Burnt my Private Parts with Lighter — Kaduna girl, 14, Allegedly Tortured by Deaconess 

Published July 18, 2020. 

Princess Michael is a 14 -year – old girl who was allegedly tortured and left with bruises on her face and private parts by her guardian , one Mrs Yemi Awolola , at Shagari Estate , Barnawa , in the Kaduna South Local Government Area of Kaduna . She tells ALEXANDER OKERE about her ordeal in the hands of Awolola , said to be a deaconess in a popular Pentecostal church

Do you know one Mrs Yemi Awolola ?

Yes . I knew her at Shagari Estate, Barnawa , Kaduna.

Did your parents tell you why they took you to her house to live with her ?

My father and auntie knew that I was staying with her . They told me I would go to school from her house .

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What class were you in at school before you moved to her house ?

I was in Primary Six and I want to become a lawyer .

Did you attend school while you were at her house ?

I attended school for only one week .

Why did you stop ?

One day , she gave me some doughnut to take to school but I was hungry , so I started eating it on the way . She met me eating the doughnut. That ’s how she stopped me from going to school .

Is it true that she maltreated you?

Yes . One day , she just came back from work and asked me who ate the rice at home. I told her that I was the one and she started beating me .

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What did she use to beat you ?

She beat me with a piece of iron .

Powered by Rubi What are the other things she did that you didn’ t like ?

She also beat me and put pepper on my body . She kept me in the toilet to sleep and gave me water from the toilet to drink . I was there for over one week .

Did she feed you well like her children?

She didn ’t give me adequate food . She fed me once or twice in a day . Sometimes , she added bitter leaves to the rice she gave me to eat .

There are some photos of you on the Internet showing you with scars on your face. Where did they come from ?

They ( scars ) came from the beating I got from her . Some of them came from the knife she put in fire and place on my face and legs . Sometimes , she called me a witch.

Is it true you also have some injuries around your private part?

Yes . She put a lit lighter there . She accused me of eating her garri . But I didn ’t eat her garri .

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Was the husband of Mrs Awolola aware of all these ?

He went to the room when the woman wanted to burn my body.

How did you feel about all that the woman did to you?

I feel bad and hurt . I want justice . I want her to be burnt the same way she burnt me so that she can know how it feels. 

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