How a Lady’s Four Ex-boyfriend’ Died Mysteriously after Breaking up with Her


Henry Iheanacho  July 18, 2020. 

A chilling story has hit the social media space regarding how a lady revealed that her four ex-boyfriends died after parting ways with her.


The incidents happened at different times in her life but she made it a point of duty to share the details online. According to the lady identified as Toni Fenty, her first boyfriend died in 2012 and as at the time he passed away they were already broken up.

The second man in her life died in 2014, also mysteriously after parting ways with her.lady-boyfriend-2

 The story she shared began to become worrisome after she revealed that her third ex also died after they broke up.lady-boyfriend-3

Just when netizens thought the deaths were over, she announced that her fourth boyfriend also passed away.lady-boyfriend-4

Social media users have since taken to her comment section and DMs to make insinuations and dark humour jokes about the incidents. 


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