Woman Sleeps with Her Former Sugar Daddy to Secure a Job for Her Husband 


Henry Iheanacho July 18, 2020. 


A story has been told of how a married woman who was once in a relationship with a sugar daddy rekindled it in order to help her husband.

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While sharing the details, a friend to the married woman said she cried out over her past deeds and how it affects her marriage. According to the friend, she slept with her ex sugar daddy so as to help her husband secure a job, however, the sugar daddy felt it was an invitation for future intimacies as he requested for more after her husband had been duly employed.

Ginna Crochets 

The affair had been going on for seven years but the woman who was tired, began giving her sugar daddy attitude and this had one time resulted in her husband getting suspended. woman-sugar-daddywoman-sugar-daddy2

3 Comments Add yours

  1. jlgodwin10 says:

    That ain’t no joke.


  2. jlgodwin10 says:

    They must have still had feelings with each other.


  3. jlgodwin10 says:

    That’s some soul food right there.


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