Nicki Minaj Shows Off New Body, Reveals She’s ‘Preggers’

By Zoe Haylock


Nicki Minaj just revealed her pregnancy on Instagram in candy-colored maternity photos, where she’s dripping in jewels. Even in utero, her baby is iced out. The rapper captioned one photo “#Preggers” with a yellow heart. “Love. Marriage. Baby carriage,” she wrote under another. “Overflowing with excitement & gratitude. Thank you all for the well wishes.” This is the rapper’s first heir with her husband, Kenneth Petty. After years of having these bitches as her sons, Nicki Minaj is finally going to be a mother. The Pettys were married in October of 2019, a month after the 37-year-old announced her intention to retire to start a family. And that’s what we call a manifestation.

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The announcement of Baby Minaj comes as fans were expecting a different arrival: the long-awaited release of Nicki Minaj’s verse on “New Body” by Kanye West. The rapper revealed that the twice-delayed (leaked) track would be on his supposedly upcoming album, Donda, but fans believe the verse was cut after the track list made no mention of Minaj. She’s made it clear she doesn’t care if the verse drops or not. That was like two bodies ago for her. And her current one kind of requires a lot of attention. The internet is celebrating the joyful occasion the only way it knows how: memes. That’s just how we say congratulations.

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