The Young Man Proudly Gushed about Where He Used to live While Growing Up as a Child. 


A young  man named Patrick Mensah Nartey has left many overcome with emotions after he took to social media to reflect on his humble beginnings in life.

The young man proudly gushed about where he used to live while growing up as a child.

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In a post that has erupted with emotions and commentaries on social media, Nartey revealed that he paid a visit to his “childhood community” at Bubiashie in the Okai Koi South Constituency.

Nartey also shared a photo of himself with the dilapidated wooden structure that housed him in the background.

At the time, Nartey’s family was obviously struggling to make ends meet and their living conditions were deplorable.

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He revealed that their situation was made worse when they were evicted from the ramshackle wooden structure.

In spite of the economically disadvantaged circumstances he experienced while growing up, the young man was nostalgic about his humbling start in life.

Reminiscing about his past, Nartey indicated that things have changed while beaming for the camera with his formal fashion sense.

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He captioned his post: “Today I went to my childhood community, Bubiashie in Okai Koi South, where I grew up to have my voters registration done.

“The picture of the old structure behind me was where I used to live when we got evicted. couldn’t stop reflecting on the old memories On how I started life and where I am now.


Indeed NOBODY knows TOMORROW.”


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