5 Ways To Perfectly Store Different Foods


By Modupeoluwa Adekanye 

24 July 2020.


Often, we store foods in ways that make them get spoilt easily. Not all food can survive in airtight containers! Use this guide to proper storage to keep everything in your kitchen crisp and fresh.



Flour will stay fresh and usable if it’s placed in an airtight metal, glass, or plastic container, rather than leaving it in the paper bag packaging from the store. Flour takes a longer time to go bad compared to most foods, but the process will still move faster if it isn’t protected.

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Potatoes need to be kept in a dry, cool, and dark place in order to stay fresh. Potatoes do not do well in the refrigerator, though, as temperatures that are too cold, below 50 degrees, will cause the starch in the potato to convert to sugar. That conversion will make the potatoes taste overly sweet, and will discolour them too.

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Like potatoes, onions can be a little sensitive. They need to be stored in dry, dark, cool places, but they also need reasonable air circulation to stay fresh. On top of this, they should not be stored near potatoes, even though both foods need to be stored in similar conditions. Onions and potatoes bring out moisture and gasses in each other, causing them both to ripen faster. Refrigeration is a good choice to keep onions fresh.



When lettuce goes bad, it gets slimy, which is wasteful and can be gross. To avoid this, do not put your lettuce in a plastic bag. Lettuce needs to be in a perforated bag or washed and stored in a bowl in the refrigerator or in a paper bag only once it’s completely dry.

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Tomatoes are another sensitive food that can be tricky to store. They should be left on a countertop, but away from light, moisture, and heat. They should not be stored in the refrigerator, or their cellular structure will start to collapse, which is what causes that mushy, mealy texture, and the flavor will be lost too. Tomatoes will ripen at room temperature and are good for two to three days once ripe. Do refrigerate them within two hours after they’ve been sliced.

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