Pregnancy:Challenges of Having a Negative on Your Blood Group as a Lady-Doctor


Ladies, if your blood group has a negative sign beside it, this  is for you. A-, B-, O- etc

It means your blood group is Rhesus Negative, getting pregnant for a man whose blood is Rh-positive could mean problems for future pregnancies. 

Here’s how

Let’s assume that the baby’s group is Rh-positive, your body and cells will approach the Rh-positive protein as a foreign body. 

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If blood cells from your baby cross your bloodstream, which can happen during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, or during an abortion or a miscarriage, your immune system will make antibodies against your baby’s blood cells, antibodies simply protect you from foreign bodies including infections. 

Once you have made these antibodies we say you are “sensitized”

Your body might send these antibodies to attack your baby’s cells

When your antibodies attack your baby’s red blood cells, it destroys them. 

Ginna Crochets PhotoGrid_1595257491230

When your baby’s healthy red blood cells are destroyed, bilirubin will build up in their bloodstream. 

Bilirubin in excess is harmful to the baby especially the brain. The baby who is affected by this, would usually have:


Jaundice, a yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes

May be limp: because of the low muscle tone

May not suckle well

Blood levels will be low

The baby could die shortly after birth, if the effects are massive. 

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Who does this concern the most?

It concerns any woman who is Rh-negative and is having a child with someone who is Rh-positive or unknown 

So she may have been pregnant in the past, but seeing these symptoms when she’s having children now

It takes time for your body to develop antibodies, so firstborn children usually aren’t affected.

However, if a mother became sensitized because of a miscarriage or abortion in the past, her first live birth may be affected by this Rhesus incompatibility.

This condition can be prevented. If you think you may be pregnant and have an Rh-negative blood type, you should Talk with your doctor to determine the best plan.

Or you have been pregnant before with someone’s whose blood group you’re not sure of, speak to your doctor

You’ll be given preventive immune globulins that will mop up your antibodies, this ensures that your unborn babies are not affected by this condition.

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Always know your blood group!

Always know your partners blood group.


Culled from Aproko Doctor

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