A Famous YouTuber with 10 Million Followers Wants to Employ a Personal Assistant but her Insane List of Demands Has Left Many Horrified


A famous YouTuber with over ten million followers is searching for a personal assistant’ to employ but her insane list of demands has left thousands of Twitter users horrified.

The unidentified influencer, who is based in Los Angeles, shared the job posting for a personal assistant on EntertainmentCareers.net this week, promising to pay $25 to $30 an hour for the ‘part-time’ job and the assistant must cook, clean, manage social media, be on call 24/7, and never show emotion.

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The influencer who is said to be ‘a well-known celebrity/influencer also demands that the future assistant needs to be on-site eight hours a day and must not be ‘driven by fame.’

Ginna Crochets 

The assistant must also be able to handle hundreds of small tasks at once and will be expected to make him/herself available to travel anywhere at any time when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

See the job posting list below


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