5 Underwear Tips To Embrace For Females


By Modupeoluwa Adekanye 

03 August 2020.

The female body is very sensitive especially when it comes to the private parts. The choice of underwear and decisions made affect the health of your vulva and everything around it.

Wearing the wrong kinds of underwear can increase your risk of infection. For the wellness of your lady bits, consider these tips:

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Tight Panties

Size matters when it comes to your underwear. Tight-fitting undergarments, and pantyhose, can keep your lady bits hot and sweaty-and not in a good way. They can cause irritation and infection. In some women, tight underwear can trigger symptoms of a painful condition known as vulvodynia. Also, if there is not enough air, the ability of bacteria to multiply increases.


Scented Detergents

The vagina skin can be sensitive and easily irritated by the perfumes used to give your laundry detergent its fresh scent. The chemicals in fabric softener and dryer sheets can also cause a little itch and burn. Some women are more sensitive than others but on the whole, scented tampons and strong detergents can cause itching and irritation or even a burning feeling.

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Always check your underpants for discharge stains in order to check for changes. There can be a little more, or less, depending on if you are in your menstrual cycle—but if it’s clear to white, it’s normal. Gray or greenish discharge, instead, could be a sign of bacterial vaginosis—an infection caused by an overgrowth of bacteria that normally live in the vagina. Discharge that looks like pus, or has a foamy or cottage-cheesy texture, may also indicate a problem. A little vaginal odour is normal, but strong, foul, and noticeable may mean infection or other issues.


Sweaty Underwears

After yoga class or a workout at the gym, it’s always a good idea to change after working out. That’s especially necessary if you’re not wearing moisture-wicking or cotton undies since synthetic fabrics don’t breathe as well as cotton ones and can trap moisture and bacteria post-workout. That combo of warm and wet can irritate the skin on the outside of your vagina, the vulva, leading to inflammation; become a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast; and may raise your risk of intertrigo, a rash that can appear in skin folds and creases that’s caused by friction, lack of air circulation, and moisture.

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Sleeping with Underpants

Most people sleep with their panties, this is not healthy for your lady bits. Women who suffer from chronic inflammation of the vulva or vagina are prone to vaginal yeast infections, itchiness, and irritation, and are likely better off if they sleep without underpants, according to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Since yeast and bacteria thrive in moist, warm places, a little aeration now and then may provide some relief.

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