Cubana Chief Priest Pays Surprise Visit to Woman Who Saved Him in School 


By Henry Iheanacho 

Celebrity barman, Cubana Chief Priest has remembered and paid a surprise visit to a woman who owned a provision store and “saved” him during his university days. The businessman made this known in an Instagram post on Monday, August 10, 2020 as he shared a photo of himself with her.

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According to the nightlife boss, the woman and her children ran and still own a provision store with which they “saved” him while he was an undergraduate, so, he decided to pay them a surprise visit just inform them they raised a superstar.

Ginna Crochets 

Chief Priest wrote; “During My Uni Days This Provision Store Saved Me, This Mama N Her Sons Were There For Me For No Reason, They Genuinely Loved Me For Who I Am, They Never Knew I Was Gonna Be Who I Am Today, That’s Pure True Love, Had To Stop By To Let Mama Know They Raised A Super Star Thank You MaMa I Dey For You For Life #CelebrityBarMan” See his post:


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