Ikota Residents Gather in Public to Pray over Faulty Transformer 


By Henry Iheanacho

Residents of Ikota housing estate in Ajah, Lagos state, have become a source of humour and ridicule following their decision to converge in public for prayers over the defective transformer in their area.

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A video showing the moment residents converged, was shared by Twitter user @Kay_Tylor who revealed that Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDP) have supplied four transformers on different occasions to their area and they’ve all gone bad, throwing them into perpetual darkness.

Ginna Crochets 

This forced the residents to seek extraordinary solution to their problems as they converged for prayers against the principalities and powers causing the transformers to develop fault every time. “4 transformers bad in 1yr.

The Ikota Housing Estate community in Ajah Lagos, had to result to prayers. Divine intervention desperately sought. @Gidi_Traffic @EKEDP”, she tweeted. ikota-residents

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