Man Fined N77k Because His Rooster Crows too Early in the Morning 


By Henry Iheanacho 

If anyone had ever told an 83-year-old man that he would be fined because of his Rooster’s early crow, he would have probably brushed it off as a joke, but that has been confirmed to be the case recently.

An Italian man, Angelo Boletti was ordered to pay a 166 euro (N77k) fine after he failed to prevent his rooster from crowing at 4:30am, which some of his neighbors had complained about. Boletti, a pensioner from Castiraga Vidardo, in Lombardy, was found guilty of violating local rules, which state that pets must be kept at a minimum distance of 10 metres from neighboring homes.

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The pet in question that angered people, a rooster named Carlino, crowed loudly as early as 4:30 in the morning and waking up the neighbors.

After receiving several complaints about the bird’s morning routine, police started monitoring Carlino, and after confirming his early crowing decided to fine the retired bricklayer.

“I’m speechless. What need was there? They could have told me before about the distance [rule]. I didn’t understand,” Boletti told Italian newspaper Il Citadino. Mayor of Castiraga Vidardo, Emma Perfetti, told journalists that local authorities had no choice but to take action in this case, because of the numerous complaints from neighbors.

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Apparently, a police officer staked out Boletti’s villa during the night, and confirmed that Carlino started crowing at around 4:30 in the morning and continued to do so until around 6:00 am.

Although the pet’s owner complained about not being warned before receiving the fine, Mayor Perfetti claims that he had been visited by police early July and told about the 10 meters from neighbors rule. However, he insisted that the rooster was only there temporarily, and would be gone in less than 20 days.

In his defense, Boletti said that Carlino had been his pet rooster for 10 years, before being given away to a friend due to the neighbors complaints about his crowing.

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He had only recently returned, and only temporarily, as his friend was on holiday for 20 days.

The elderly man said he intends to appeal the fine to hopefully have it annulled. 

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