Woman Devastated as Pet Dog Eats Her Savings 



By Henry Iheanacho



A Briton, Jocelyn Horne, has revealed how devastated she became after discovering her beloved pet dog ate up her savings when she wasn’t at home.

According to dog lover who hails from the Isle of Man, she initially thought her boyfriend named Allan Kinrade was playing a prank on her when he disclosed that their dog had chewed up her savings pot on her bedside table.

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Jocelyn upon reaching her home said she only saw a £20 (10,000 naira) bill lying on the floor next to her dog, Peggy and that was when she realized her £100 (51,000 naira) savings was really gone.


According to her, the 10-month-old pet poodle Peggy has a passion for chewing anything and everything that hits the floor. She said upon seeing remnants of the dog’s havoc she didn’t know whether to ‘laugh or cry’.

On the fateful day of the event, Jocelyn couldn’t look Peggy in the eye as she was so upset, but she eventually saw the funny side to it.

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Jocelyn said: ‘’I keep my bedroom door closed because of her [Peggy] and I came in and could just see a single piece of £20 on my bed. ‘I searched high and low, couldn’t find anything else and thought there’s no way she’s eaten £100 – she couldn’t have.


‘’I actually thought it was my boyfriend playing a joke on me as he kept laughing and I was still adamant that I must’ve misplaced it.’


‘’Normally when she gets hold of something like toilet roll holders or the post, she just shreds it to pieces – she doesn’t actually swallow it. ‘I don’t know why she decided to swallow these £20 notes, and they mustn’t have gone down very well.


‘‘I thought I’d wash them to see if I can get the serial numbers because then you can possibly get your money back, but she’d just thrown up parts of each note as if to really take the mickey.

‘’Most people just find it hilarious, but know the pain that you’re going through because it’s a lot of money. ‘My children also found it hilarious – they don’t know what £100 means. ‘I still don’t know whether to laugh or cry – I look at her and I think I bloody love you, but you’ve swallowed £100.’

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