Kemi Olunloyo Sparks Debate as She Says Marriage is not Ordained by God


By Henry Iheanacho

Popular Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has stirred controversy online following her opinion on God’s involvement in marriage as an institution.

According to the mother of three, who took to her official social media account, marriage is not ordained by God.

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Kemi Olunloyo who has never been married, added that if it was ordained by God, there won’t be anything like divorce. 

She tweeted: “Marriage is NOT ordained by God!

Marriage is NOT ordained by God!

Marriage is NOT ordained by God!

Marriage is NOT ordained by God!

Marriage is NOT ordained by God!

Marriage is NOT ordained by God!

Marriage is NOT ordained by God!

If true there won’t be DIVORCE”

Social media users who felt she was making an ill-informed statement quickly rebutted her statement via the comment section.

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Read some reactions below:

@richie_naz; A sacrament is a outward sign of inward grace, ORDAINED by Jesus Christ, by which grace is given to our souls. (St Augustine of Hippo) There are 7 sacraments : Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist, Penance, Anointing of the sick, Holy Orders & Matrimony (Marriage).


@BolajiWaziri; I don’t know much about Bible but i love the phrase..One who finds a wife,finds a good thing.


@iamDoctorOK; Wives be submissive to your husband, husbands love your wife!! Anywhere BOTH these principle is applied,that marriage MUST work. If you don’t apply the right principles,be it in business, career,academics or marriage,it is bound to FAIL. You can’t blame a failed Marriage on God🤷🏽‍♀️


@brightzelix; Marriage is ordained by God and divorce was not part of the plan. it was introduced by Moses to the Israelites because of their stubbornness. Read Matthew 19:7-9


@Dave_Lummy5; The questions many people ask will eventually lead them back to God… To Jesus Christ!!


Here you’d see one just affirm something and expect it to be swallowed hook, line and sinker. The Bible is there to confirm from, but rather hardheartedness is the order now!

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@_MjHade; Marriage is ordained by God ma, please stop confusing the congregation.. There is divorce because most couples are not ready to overlook their partners imperfection, even God get yoke but His yokes are light. He never promised a stress free life.


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