6 Ways To Effectively Get Rid Of Indoor Air Pollution


By Oluwa Adekanye

When you think of air pollution, indoor air isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. However, it’s probably affecting you more than you realize.

Pollutants can be introduced into the air of your home in so many ways. Some are carried in by breeze; some are carried in by visitors, while some are by you.

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Pollutants have a lot of impact on health; both physical and mental health.

While getting rid of indoor air pollution completely might not be possible, it is possible to reduce and at times avoid them. Below are some ways to get rid of some of these air pollutants.

Do not smoke indoor

Smoking indoors has a lot of negative effects. Aside from the well-known consequences of contact with second-hand smoke, environmental tobacco smoke has been shown to be a major cause of indoor air pollution. If you stay with someone that smokes indoor; you are at high health risk. If there is a reason to smoke, do it outside where there is enough space and air so as to keep everyone safe.

Keep the house well-ventilated

This might look contradictory, especially when you think of the easy accessibility of pollutants in the house when windows are open. However, it is safe and healthy. Opening your window allows fresh air accessibility. It is very important to open the windows when indoor air pollution is generated, such as chemicals and smoke. Also, it is essential to ventilate your home well after cleaning it.

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Avoid Damp and Moulds

Check your home for leaking pipes and your roofs and window frames after excessive rainfall. Condensation can cause mould to grow indoors, so make sure your home is well-insulated. Also, ventilate rooms like the kitchen and bathroom regularly. If you notice there are moulds in your home, remove them by contacting professionals to help you. Constantly use a cooking hood to expel the toxic by-products released from cooking at high temperatures. Additionally, an extractor fan will reduce humidity levels and prevent mould from spreading.

Reduce the use of candles and Incenses

It is agreeable that candles and incense bring a sense of calm around the home, but not when it comes to air quality. The smoke emitted from both can release carbon dioxide and diminish the air quality in your home. When you blow out a candle, make sure to open a window or increase air circulation before closing your windows and turning on your purifiers.

Get rid of odours

Most people usually try to avoid indoor odours by masking them with artificial fragrances and air fresheners. This worsens the problem because the artificial fragrance or air fresheners contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and phthalates which can harm your health even more. Instead, find the source of the odours and eliminate, and clean the area with homemade cleaners or with baking soda.


Learning how to declutter your home as it has more importance than you can imagine. Decluttering involves getting rid of unnecessary things in your room, kitchen and everywhere so that there can be space and enough ventilation.

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Your house becomes unnecessarily stuffy because you have things that you should get rid of, hence, making the air polluted. When you have a decluttered space, not only does it make the air healthy, mentally, you get better. If you’re struggling and need guidance on how to declutter, you can reach out to a friend or a professional to help with it.

Where you live should be a safe place for you, hence, ensure you keep is totally safe by doing the above-listed things. Keep the air in your home healthy and live a healthy life.

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