It’s Difficult Very Difficult to be Rich in Nigeria than Outside Nigeria’ – Nigerian Man writes

By Kelvin
A Nigerian photographer identified as Richard Koya on Facebook has taken to the platform to analyze why it is difficult to get rich in Nigeria than outside Nigeria
According to him, everything in Nigeria works against the financial empowerment of Nigerians.

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While some Nigerians agree with him, others pointed out that there are so many Nigerians that have done legitimate businesses within Nigeria and have become rich.

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Read his post below
It’s difficult very difficult to be rich in Nigeria than in any of the Foreign country.
Everything is difficult in Nigeria, to get capital to start up a business in Nigeria is not something easy, to get a job in this country without knowing the right people sometimes is still difficult.

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In Nigeria it’s Dog eat Dog, everyone is looking to take advantage on the other. In other countries where everything is working, if you are making any penny you will enjoy the value of it. 80/90% of Nigerian traveling out of the country always come back rich and comfortable.
Furthermore, in time of exposure you get to learn more and be open minded also see life in another aspect when in foreign country, we are mostly use to hardship in Nigeria.
Imagine living in a country where everything works and you can do 3 diff jobs and make like 500$ per day, fine you will pay tax and all but you can see vividly what you are using your money for.
So I think it’s easier and faster to get Rich overseas than in Nigeria.

Richard Koya!

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