Woman Files for Divorce Because Her Nice Husband Cooks, Cleans and Never Fights 

By Henry Iheanacho

A Muslim woman from the Sambhal district of India’s Uttar Pradesh state has asked a Sharia court to dissolve her marriage owing to the fact that her husband loves her too much.

The unidentified woman who had been married for only 18 months, recently approached the Sambhal Sharia court to ask for a divorce from her husband. When asked to explain her reasons, she that her spouse loved her too much and never argued with her, which she just found impossible to accept.

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In addition, the woman’s husband also cooks and cleans for her, and helped with various house chores which she said made ”matters worse’‘. She then declared herself “fed up” and asked the members of the court to end her marriage.

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“He does not shout at me and neither has he upset me on any issue. He even cooks for me and also helps me in performing household chores,” the disgruntled wife said.

“Whenever I make a mistake, he always forgives me for that. I wanted to argue with him. I do not need a life where the husband agrees to anything.”

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The puzzled clerics of the Shari’a Court, after hearing the wife’s plea, immediately rejected it as frivolous, and asked the couple to settle their differences themselves.

She, however didn’t stop there as after having her divorce plea rejected, she immediately proceeded to the local panchayat (village council), but its members also refused to decide on the matter after listening to her reasons.

According to Hindi newspaper, Dainik Jagran, the unidentified husband is reported to have said that he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong, as all he wanted was to be a perfect husband.

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