Twins Sisters Who Got Married Same Day and Became Pregnant Same Period Welcome Baby Boys (Photos)

By Henry Iheanacho

There are many life occurrences which are significant and memorable for how oddly timed and beautiful they are, one of such cases is that of a set of twin sisters who got married on the same day and fell pregnant within the same period.

Ginna Crochets 

The sisters who appeared to have ‘‘stayed twinning” even in marriage, have now welcomed baby boys just days apart.

What are the odds that twins sisters who got married on the same day, became pregnant for their respective husbands almost the same time will give birth to bouncing baby boys few days apart? An amazingly odd coincidence you might say.

Queen Tomizyn Joy shared the amazing story on a popular Facebook group “Love Zone”, saying that she taps into their blessing.

Solutions to the Problem (Power Law)

“Congratulations to them…..

“Beautiful twin sisters got married same day and gave birth to blessed baby boys few days apart!!!

“I tap into their blessing,” she wrote.

See her post below:

View the photos:

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