Church in Anambra Gifts Armless Lady Newly Furnished Bungalow 

By Joseph Omotayo

– A lady, Ada Aniwetalu, got her fortune changed as a church blessed her with a three-bedroom flat

– The archbishop, Valerian Okeke, who helped her said he didn’t want his charitable deed public as he wanted it secret

– The armless orphan carries out her chores with her toes, shifting all hand functions to them

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Good fortunes have smiled on a 21-year old armless lady, Ada Aniwetalu, as she was gifted a newly built three-bedroom bungalow and a scholarship award by the church.

Ada was born without arms but she was determined to pull through the rigours of life with the aid of her legs.

She does not only walks with her legs, she also writes and does domestic chores required of humans with her toes.

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Born to the Aniwetalu family of Anambra state in Nteje Community of Oyi LGA, Ada, an orphan, was determined and didn’t allow her disability to deny her of a brighter future.

And this caught the eyes of a reverend sister who offered her a hand of help through the Metropolitan Archbishop of Onitsha Ecclesiastical Province.

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Moved by her story, His Grace, Archbishop Valerian Okeke rallied other good-spirited individuals and gifted Ada a fully-furnished, newly built bungalow with a scholarship.

In an interview with’s regional reporter in Imo state, Victor Duru, Chancellor of Onitsha Ecclesiastical Archidiocese Rev. Fr. Emeka Aror who spoke on behalf of the Archbishop narrated what motivated the gesture.

He said: “The Archbishop was even surprised that his charitable deed leaked to the media because he wanted to do all those things secretly. He never wanted anybody to know and so he is not comfortable at all it leaked to the media.

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“We didn’t call any media house on the day the house was opened, maybe private individuals who came used their phones to take pictures and then made their reports.

“The Archbishop says this is a charity he did for what he believes in. You don’t do charity and begin to publicize it. I remember the Bible says, “let your left hand not know what your right hand is doing”.

“This is the principle of the Archbishop and as such he is indisposed to discussing it with any media neither do I.

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“We also need to protect the privacy of this young girl – the young girl which he decided to help.”

Now, Ada Aniwetalu has a fully-furnished roof over her head and can go on to pursue her educational aspiration and live her dream. She is now under the custody of the Archbishop.

Little wonder a popular African adage says that it takes a community to raise a child.

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a cleric identified as Godwin Bassey Inyang who went viral in the online community some weeks ago has been given a house gift by some kindhearted Nigerians.

The good news was shared on social media by comedian Dikeh. Dikeh appreciated everyone who has been a part of the goal to make the cleric’s life better.

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