What The Pimple On Your Face Is Trying To Tell You


By Priscilla Emokpaire

At some point in one’s life, you will have to deal with acne (save you are one of the lucky ones). By now, many people have come to terms with the fact that they would never have unblemished skin.

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Acne is caused by several reasons from hormonal imbalance, wrong skincare and make-up, poor diet, health issues and external features.

So, what if you can find out the reason you have breakouts? What if your acne can tell you how to get clear skin? With acne face mapping, you can have a general idea of the cause and proffer a solution.

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This type of acne is mostly because of hormonal changes. When the hormones become imbalanced, it affects the sebum leading to excessive secretion of oil on the forehead. Ladies are more prone to see this type of acne during their monthly flow and it is also commonly seen in young adults going through puberty. Another cause is the style of hair known as bangs. This hairstyle allows the hair to have direct contact to the forehead and oil or leftover products such as shampoo or conditioner from the hair can irritate the forehead causing breakouts. So if you fall into these categories, beef up your skincare during the periods of hormonal changes or opt for a new hairstyle if you are a bang hairstyle enthusiast.

Temples and eyebrows

After a night out drinking, don’t be surprised to see breakouts in this area. Because these parts of the face are closely related to the liver, allergic reactions can be a cause and eating oily or high-calorie foods.

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Acne should not define you | Photo Peter Devito


The cause of breakouts in this area may be the most surprising. Acne of the cheeks is mostly caused by the use of our cell phones. A study shows that a phone has the highest amount of bacteria after the toilet. And when you put your phones on your face to make calls without wiping the phone down, you transfer these germs and bacteria to your cheeks. Our cheeks are the widest area on our face so it has more cells that produce sebum which means when irritated by the bacteria or germs from your phone, you will have breakouts.


Drop that hot plate of spicy pepper soup as your intake of spicy or oily food can be the reason for your breakout in that area. When such foods are consumed, they lead to the rise in the temperature around the lips causing breakouts.

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Embarrassing, You may think having breakouts or pimples around this area is usually tagged the most embarrassing but one reason behind this breakout is more embarrassing such that we deny having. Constipation is likely the cause since the nose seems to have a very strong connection with the bowels. Using the wrong toothpaste on your skin to dry out the pimple and indigestion are other likely causes.


Ladies if you pay close attention you would sometimes notice breakout in this area during your menstruation.

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Sweet Almond Oil

What ingredients should you use?

The goal when you are prone to acne is to avoid your pores being clogged up by bad products. Products that are good and likely to help the skin are known as non-comedogenic products.

For mild acne, beneficial ingredients include:

Benzoyl peroxide


Salicylic acid


Other good ingredients to look for in your skincare products are non-comedogenic oils, which don’t clog pores and keep dry skin supple and oily skin, acne-free. Some of them are:

Grapeseed oil

Neem oil

Sunflower oil

Sweet almond oil

Hemp seed oil

Ingredients to avoid in your product

Isopropyl myristate and derivatives

propylene glycol-2 (PPG-2) myristyl propionate


D&C red dyes

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