Angry Man Storms Computer Village after Getting ‘Paracetamol Phone ’ Instead of iPhone He Paid N100k for (Video)

By Henry Iheanacho
There was drama and pandemonium at the computer village in Lagos after a man angrily stormed the electronics gadget hub to complain about the fake iPhone that was sold to him.

Ginna Crochets
According to reports, the man had sent his worker to Computer village with N100,000 to get him an iPhone, and the young boy returned with a fake old iPhone which had been designed with paracetamol cards to make it look like iPhone 11.

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On seeing the fake iPhone, the man immediately stormed the phone accessories business hive with his young apprentice who was duped, but he couldn’t locate the store he purchased the fake iPhone.

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In the footage, the angry man hurled insults at the boy, and threatened to beat him for wasting his N100,000.
Watch the video below:

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