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The Uncertainties of Life

A philosophical book of our time by Chinenye H.G Ofokansi


The Premature Goal

An intriguing fiction about a boy of six who was separated from his family over 30 years. Find out what happened in this wonderful book by Chinenye H.G Ofokansi.


A book by a veteran author – Anthony Nweke
Grab your copy with Four hundred naira only!
My Best Friend – A humorous children story book by Chinenye H.G Ofokansi
Parents’ Pride – A book not only for children, but also a must-read for the 21st century parent
Grab your copy; N200(two hundred naira) only!
Read how the story of a Chinedu’s family was changed in this book – The Farmer’s Day
Grab your copy; N200(two hundred naira) only.