Mathematician’s Corner

It seems I forgot my mathematician here. It’s been a long while. Let’s get started.

You know what? I’m a lover of mathematics, right from my primary school days, and mathematics is a course I wouldn’t think twice to do as my second degree. Are you surprised?
I don’t just know but my instincts tell me so, and I know you wouldn’t believe that I still solve mathematics.Yea, I do.

Topics like Simple Proportions, Percentage and Simple interest always got my head into serious business then. I don’t know if they were the secret behind my early venture into business. I started business as early as twelve. Another surprise?

To make issues light, I learnt how to do simple calculations in a practical way – my daddy’s shop provided a conducive environment for my practicals when I came back from school, as early as my kindergarten classes .

So in my next blogging, I’m going to let you know what I’ve gathered from my classes: theory and practicals.
Stay tuned!

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